Where ExposeYourMuseum got its name

ExposeYourMuseum started as a blog where consumer trends and the visitor experience collided. (Check out a classic post here.)

You will still find trend-watching here, but this blog is also now the place for the latest ExposeYourMuseum news, posts about Fund the Change recipients, and so much more.

Oh– and this is also the place to find out when I’m on the road and we might cross paths at a conference, workshop, or training. Please say hello if I’m coming to your neighborhood!

2015 Year in Review / 01/23/2016

Wow! 2015 was an incredible year, thanks to you– my clients, colleagues, and friends.

14 workshops, 3 national conferences, 52 flights… and those are just a few of the stats.

Check out ExposeYourMuseum’s 2015 Year in Review video here:

Here’s to you, and to a great year ahead.

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