2017 in Review


My 2017 was incredible. Check out my video below!

While there were some undeniable lows– for example, many Americans choosing a man I find utterly repulsive (in addition to racist and misogynistic) to represent us as president, there were also many highs. Many Americans chose– and continue to choose– to fight for equity, access, and inclusion. Many are using their power, privilege, and voices for the first time ever. Others who have been speaking truth to power for years, decades, and centuries are beginning to be seen and heard in new ways. There is much work to be done, and I challenge you– my museum colleagues– to do it with me. It *is* our work to do.

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Interested in what you saw and heard in the video? Check out the links below:

Troy’s new gig: Science Gallery Lab Detroit (part of Science Gallery International)

IMLS ‘Museums Empowered’ grant with the Charles H. Wright Museum (Detroit, MI)

National Science Foundation ‘Ute STEM’ project with History Colorado (Denver, CO)

Anti-racism work via Safety Pin Box

Safety Pin Box (and Kate!) on The Daily Show

Fund the Change (gifts for activists and change-makers in museums, arts, and culture)

2017 Playlist: Alabama Shakes, Neil Young, and Solange

Kate’s Favorite Podcast of 2017: Cultura Conscious (Paula Santos)

Best Conference of 2017: Allied Media Conference

Inspiration via Meow Wolf (Santa Fe, NM) and immersive theatre (Kate’s fav? Then She Fell)

Coaching program at the Hudson Institute (Santa Barbara, CA)

Transcript of Video:

Hey there. It’s Kate. Can you believe it’s 2018?!!

2017 was a year full of twists, turns, and surprises for me.

It started with an adorable addition to the family, David Blaine, the miniature dachshund puppy.

Blainey, as we call her for short, is sweet and adventurous. She has two speeds— 100mph and zero— and she’s in love with her brother Houdini, the miniature pincher.

Troy got exciting news early in 2017! He was asked to lead the first Science Gallery project in the Americas…. If you don’t know about Science Gallery, you should! It’s a beautiful collision of art and science that is nothing short of inspirational. Science Gallery took us from Denver, Colorado to Detroit, Michigan. I know, I know. It’s hard to keep up with us. We always seem to be on the move! That said, we are loving Detroit and hoping to stay right here for a while.

It’s a city full of pulsing energy and entrepreneurship, gorgeous art and amazing museums, some of the most creative people I’ve ever met, and a style all its own. It hasn’t taken me long to fall completely in love my new home town.

2017 also brought some new, exciting projects my way. I’m working alongside the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History on a fantastic project to grow the museum staff’s evaluation capacity. I’m also teaming up with History Colorado and three Ute Native American tribes to explore the intersections of traditional ecological knowledge and western science.

Those projects are just two examples of ways that I am infusing my values of access, equity, inclusion, and social justice into my work.

Speaking of, did you see me on The Daily Show? One of the critical ways I engage in anti-racism work is through Safety Pin Box. The amazing Black women who created SPB were featured on the show. And, as a result, so was I! You can check out the rest. I’ll include the link below.

In 2017, I launched Fund the Change, which provides one-time gifts to activists and change-makers in museums, arts, and culture. So far 16 gifts have been made. Check it out— and nominate someone who inspires you!

2017 was a busy year, with lots of travel, and almost as many new clients as repeat clients.

I’m guessing I drank 778 cups of coffee, but that might be a bit shy of the real number! Somehow though, I did find the time to get a new tattoo.

I want to end by sharing a few things that got me excited in 2017. In addition to a killer soundtrack— which is always essential— I fell in love with Paula Santos’ Cultura Conscious podcast. I went to my first Allied Media Conference (which I can’t say enough good things about), and found inspiration from a week spent with Meow Wolf and quite a few immersive theater productions.

This past year I got more requests then ever for executive and leadership coaching. As a result, in 2018 I’ll be pursuing a coaching certificate at the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara. Of course, I will still offer my evaluation, facilitation, and strategic services— but I’m excited to bring coaching into the mix. Get in touch to find out more!

So here we are… a new year. 2017 was amazing, and it’s very much thanks to you. Here’s to 2018! Check out the notes section below to links to everything I talked about in this video.

Hope to see you soon! Happy New Year.

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