Announcing “Fund the Change”


ExposeYourMuseum and Question Consulting have decided to put our money where our mouths are– in hopes that others in the arts, museum, and cultural fields will do the same.

“Fund the Change” has been established to give financial gifts to activists in the arts/culture sector who are working– tirelessly, and often for little or no pay– to fight oppression in all of its forms.

A percentage of all ExposeYourMuseum and Question Consulting revenue is automatically allocated to “Fund the Change.” Each quarter (in March, June, September, and December), recipients are drawn from our pool of “Fund the Change” activists.

In fact, our first “Fund the Change” gift recipients will be announced a little later this month! We can’t wait to share their amazing stories and work with you.

Priority is given to people of color, Native and indigenous peoples, LGBTIQ folks, people with disabilities, those with financial disadvantages, and women. As part of ExposeYourMuseum’s and Question Consulting’s racial equity practices, no less than 75% of recipients are– and will continue to be– people of color.

Want to learn more about “Fund the Change” or recommend someone you know?


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