Into 2017, with eyes wide open


Friends, colleagues, clients-

Welcome to 2017.

I know, for many, the election and inauguration have caused a range of emotions. All are valid.

At ExposeYourMuseum, we’ve been thinking a lot about our values. When we work with clients on strategic planning and organization development we often do activities and workshops around personal, professional, and organizational values. It’s an incredible way to regain focus, see with greater clarity, and prioritize what matters.

Here are our top four values:


Change is inevitable and constant. Being brave, bold, and vulnerable, embracing risk, asking questions, and making informed decisions to promote change for the better are choices we make— every day. We are committed to change that makes the world a place we are proud to live in. That world is not racist, xenophobic, sexist, classist, colonialist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or otherwise oppressive. That world is inclusive and focused on the liberation of all people. We are committed to being change-makers— to not waiting for change to happen but to being the change.


Creativity connects us deeply to ourselves and others. When we’re creative, we’re fully alive. Creativity is the novelty, the playfulness, the awakening, and the muse that feeds ideas and innovation. It’s the antidote to negativity and feeling stuck. Creativity brings joy into our work and that joy is contagious. When our work is creative, it’s memorable. When our work is creative, we thrive.


Whether assigned or chosen, belonging to a community helps us to feel part of and not other than. Community is challenging to build, takes patience to nurture, and can be damaged by fear, power, and privilege from the outside. Museums and cultural institutions think about— and listen to— visitors, members, donors, patrons, and guests. Those identities are transactional. Non-dominant community voices are often marginalized, excused, tokenized, or silenced. We commit to supporting, hearing, building, elevating, and working with communities, not completing transactions.

Capacity Building

We are lifelong learners. We are passionate about free-choice, informal, and outside-of-school education. We know that when people are truly open to each other’s diverse experiences, strengths, and skills, we can learn something from everyone. We are always listening. Our work is never done. We’re committed to learning, growing, changing, and improving from and alongside those we work with. We believe personal and professional growth doesn’t stop unless you let it.


What are your top values, especially now?




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