We’re moving to Austin, TX!


The summer sun sets on Austin, TX on a humid August evening.Clients and friends–

It’s official! In about a week from now, ExposeYourMuseum LLC will start calling Austin, Texas home. I am so proud to announce that my love, Troy Livingston, has been named the CEO of the Thinkery— the hands-on science museum in Austin. It’s a wonderful fit for Troy and we’re excited about the move. Austin is a vibrant, eclectic, super cool city; we felt instantly at home.

Please note my new Austin phone number: 512-915-6232 and stay tuned for the new address. 

It’s been a summer of exciting transitions and you’ve been a part of it! Here’s to the next chapter.



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  1. Sarah Cohn

    What fantastic news! The Thinkery, Austin, and really all of Texas are lucky to have such a brilliant family newly settled there. I look forward to hearing about your activities soon.


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