Visitor Studies Association 2015 Conference, here we come!


I hope to see many of you at this year’s Visitor Studies Association (VSA) conference in

I am forever wandering, so track me down anytime… but here are a few places I will definitely be:

1. Wednesday, July 15th @ 4:30-6pm

April Award Celebration (ticket required)

Kick off the 2015 VSA conference in Indianapolis with a cocktail hour to be remembered. Each year, the April Award welcomes and honors one outstanding new professional to the field. Come toast this year’s award recipient, meet up with friends and colleagues old and new, and support a longstanding VSA tradition. We have 3 different price points to support the ongoing fundraising endeavors of this event.

2. Thursday, July 16th @ 4-5:15pm

Visual Communication in Evaluation: The Leading Edge of Awesome

Visual design may be a hot topic, but clear communication and evaluation use are no passing fad. Hear from evaluators about incorporating better visual communication into their work, from written reports to presentations and many points in between, and leave inspired to apply these strategies in your own practice.

3. Friday, July 17th @ 10:30-11:45am

Fostering the Unlikely Evaluator

Many of our roads to visitor studies have been riddled with twists and turns, bridges and barriers. Join this panel of “unlikely evaluators” and share your own journey, as we explore how action (and inaction) by audience evaluators and learning researchers can either cultivate or curtail potential allies and advocates.

4. Friday, July 17th @ 7-9pm(ish)

Dining Discussion: Visualize This! (pre-registration required)

Death by PowerPoint is real and no one (seriously, no one) wants to read a 100 page report. Stakeholders inside and outside cultural institutions have come to expect and rely upon clear, concise reports and presentations to succinctly and effectively convey valuable insights for decision-making. What’s more, there’s science to back up the power of visuals in our digestion and retention of information. Come join your colleagues and friends interested in data visualization, visual communication, and creative reporting for a meal. We’ll share resources and tools, as well as ideas about how to build momentum within the VSA community.

The lineup looks fantastic and I am excited for meeting up with colleagues and friends, both new and not-so-new, and for all the things I know I will learn.

Here we go Indy!


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