Time to celebrate! Kate Tinworth is now Kate Livingston!


Clients, colleagues, and friends–

I am happy to announce that on June 14th, 2015 I married Troy Livingston on the terrace of the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Many of you know Troy, since he is also in the museum world. We are ridiculously, blissfully happy and are excited to share our news with you.

While my last name has changed, ExposeYourMuseum LLC remains the same. You can still reach me at kate@exposeyourmuseum.com.

And, because I can’t resist, below is one photo from the wedding.

Much love, Kate



2 Responses to “Time to celebrate! Kate Tinworth is now Kate Livingston!”

  1. Teri

    Congratulations Kate! I wish you and Troy many happy, fun, adventurous, & exciting years together.

  2. Sheila B Robinson

    How wonderful! Congratulations Kate! Your wedding picture is beautiful and I’m so very happy for you. Best wishes for a happy, healthy life together and continued success “in the museum world.” (I love that phrase! It sounds like such a cool place to be!)


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