Bring visitors truly into the picture: interactive billboards as inspiration


Seems like I’ve been seeing a lot of interactive marketing lately.

Some of really useuful, others are really useless (albeit entertaining), some are funny, and others are incredibly impactful.

Of course, 99% of the time these billboards, props, and screens are used to market products and services.

Even the examples we see from museums typically advertise exhibitions or shows:


It’s fun to watch passers-by react; they’re great “as is,” generating buzz and interest. But I’ve been wondering…
Are there ways to take this trend further… to engage people in ways that promote conversations about art and culture, drive visitation, or provide new perspectives?

Have a look at a few of my favorite examples of interactive ads, and you tell me–

        what could these do for museums and culturals?





Inpired yet?

How could museums and culturals use interactive marketing techniques to bring visitors, audiences, and communities closer than ever?

Does it have to be hi-tech?

The Google YouTube example above is incredibly low-tech.

What would you do to bring your visitors more clearly into the picture, elevate their voices, challenge them to think about difficult issues, have more relevance in their everyday lives, or just plain make their day more memorable and fun?

Need some more inspiration? Check out JCDecaux’s website. They’re a leader in interactive advertising and have some great photo and video galleries, including some museum examples.

Also thanks to Mashable for the spark.


4 Responses to “Bring visitors truly into the picture: interactive billboards as inspiration”

  1. Shelley

    Thanks for sharing! I think museums have tremendous opportunity here. Art is about inspiring conversation and inspiring us to see the world in a different way. I also think incorporating twitter into these interactive billboards to see how people are reacting is under utilized. Exciting possibilities….

    • Kathleen Tinworth

      Shelley- I love the thinking you wrote about in terms of visitor response (I.e. Twitter). Do you have any examples you’ve seen of that being done well? I agree- opportunities abound!

  2. Joe E. Heimlich

    I think the first thing is to determine the purpose: is it to get people in, to get the museum out, or to serve the community in a different way. Each of these would require a different mindset in approach. Personally, I think the second and third are (museum out and community connect in different way) are the most interesting options. And the most liberating in terms of game changers.

    • Kathleen Tinworth

      Joe- I could agree more with your comments. In fact, my blog post this week takes your second and third options and challenges us to think about how (or if) we truly make efforts to fit into our visitors’ real lives. I’d love your thoughts on that too and so appreciate you reading!


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